Overview of the Company

RenSoft is a fully Kenyan owned company Incorporated in 2016 to offer service based solutions in Financial sector, Insurance companies, Insurance agencies, Insurance brokerage and BancAssurance.

Rensoft was formed to transform insurance business model through an automated and easy-to-navigate interface. RenSoft has since expanded its business and product offering solutions to other sectors and organizations. We are a full service technology provider who design, develop, provision, manage and secure business and mission-critical enterprise environments for innovative and developing companies.

Our product development strength has been our unique ability to deliver leading business functionality using innovative technologies. RenSoft has stayed on the forefront of innovation by introducing an industry first in integrating ubiquitous communications technology, SMS and email, to provide new ways of reaching the customers and intermediaries.

Additionally, web enabling our applications and leveraging the web to provide a client/ broker portal, has allowed our clients to better respond to their customers’ needs.

What makes us Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • RenSoft Systems is a provider of both cloud-based and in-premises software that powers the business of insurance.
  • We are the pioneer in insurance automation and an innovation leader with a system scalable to cater for new market demands due to its parametric nature and flexible structure.
  • The system is dynamic and fully integrated to help companies manage the full life cycle of all Insurance intermediary functions and services
  • We increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks so that your sales team can spend less time on data entry and more on selling

To provide a superior insurance experience for individuals and business.

  • To work with the best people in the industry
  • To provide relevant  solutions
  • To ensure a rewarding experience during all customer interactions
  • To achieve sustainable efficiencies and financial returns

Whilst integrity and honesty are inherent in our values and form the core of our profession, we have specifically chosen values which reflect our commitment to our clients.