RenSoft® Core Capabilities

Process management and automation

RenSoft standardizes workflows to automate daily business functions and lower operating expenses as the system enables you to manage renewals in advance with automated follow-up communication to customers. You also can lower E&O risk and ensure accurate reporting with BI analytics in the system.

Multichannel customer relationship

RenSoft seamlessly integrates with RenSoft Mobile, RenSoft Agent Portal and RenSoft Insured Portal to provide your staff and customers 24/7 access to insurance information.

Insurer correspondence .

The system has the ability to interface with any insurance company than any other management system on the market. eDocs and other policyrelated information can be automatically downloaded or uploaded into RenSoft by insurers and insureds, reducing duplicate actions and improving customer servicing capabilities.

Marketing campaign management

Your brokerage can develop targeted marketing campaigns in RenSoft with built-in marketing plans that allow easy access to coverage information. RenSoft’s reporting capabilities enable your staff to identify where to focus marketing campaigns for account rounding and cross-sell and upsell opportunities.